We are no longer renting cars or offering drives. If you would like us to help you find an exotic car for photo shoots or commercial use, please contact us.

Which exotic car do you want to drive today? Drive 5 exotic cars in one day Drive a Lamborghini Gallardo Drive a Ferrari 599 Drive a Ferrari F430 Drive an Audi R8 Drive an Aston Martin V8 Vantage Drive 5 Exotic Cars

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DFW Drive Your Dream allows you to experience 4 of the fastest and most beautiful cars on the road. You will embark on a thrill ride across a professionally designed tour route. The hours will just fly by as you take turns driving and riding in the dream cars you've always fantasized about.

Counting Ferraris instead of sheep at night? Dreaming of a Lamborghini instead of your sweetie?

You can now Drive Your Dream, that's right, DFW Drive Your Dream provides you with an easy, affordable, and exiting way to finally drive a Lamborghini or to drive a Ferrari, and here is how it works...

Prior to the tour all participants are required to go over a quick briefing on the rules and regulations, and become familiarized with each exotic car at our Ft. Worth showroom. After all the ink and paper is done with, the fun and excitement of driving your dream car will begin...

Our tours are carefully plotted and designed so you can experience the scenic landscape and countryside hills of Northwest Texas. Picturesque roads ranging from straight and flat, to winding and hilly which will challenge your driving skills, and engage you in the ride of a lifetime.

The tours are comprised of 4 of the most powerful and exotic cars out on the market today. Our current event dream cars are:

Each exotic car experience will begin with a driver and a passenger. After a scheduled amount of driving time all of the drivers and passengers will switch, and then continue along the route. There will be designated checkpoints where each vehicle will pull over and participants will switch vehicles. The tour process will continue until every participant has the opportunity to drive each car. Driving along the highway is avoided as much as possible. The tour allows you to experience the scenic beauty of Texas by driving along its many winding and hilly back roads. Your dream drive will leave everlasting imprints in your memories. The route is specifically designed to elicit the extensive spectrum of features each vehicle has to offer. The raw power and acceleration of the vehicles induces a thrill rivaled only by N.A.S.A. (...might be a tad exaggeration, but Neil and Buzz, you guys are missing out!)

A letter from a previous participant

Hi Matt!
I have to tell you that we had a wonderful time last weekend and loved our driving experience! This whole crazy idea of driving super cars began when Michael brought home the Magazine 'Private Clubs' (removed it from his doctor's office!). He was so excited to show me the article about Drive your Dream Cars. His excitement lead to me immediately phoning your DFW Agency and booking a tour! I couldn't wait for 2010, I had to book the next tour in November 2009! I am thrilled that I did because things lately haven't been the most fun given the current economy and challenges in life. Our flight to Dallas as good, our rental car less than our expectations but adequate and with the use of our portable GPS we managed to find our way across town to our hotel, check in and report the next afternoon for our driving experience. Of course the anticipation of the tour was beginning to settle in and we were very anxious to start our tour Saturday at noon; we looked around the area and thought 'this is the area?' where are the cars? it looked kind of industrial and not at all exotic or at least what one would have expected for such a line-up of cars...and then...down the street trailed the beauties lead by John in his Mercedes! what a site! John was very methodical in getting his paperwork chores done while a team of 6 waited to receive their assigned cars and 'just get going'! After a thorough understanding of our responsibilities explained by John we all jumped in our assigned cars and took off! Driving throughout the country roads all through DFW was even more special to us as it gave us the opportunity to see countryside that we would not have seen! The cars were absolutely scrumptious! Our favorite...of course... the Bentley! John was a GREAT tour director! He kept all of us on track and was very attentive to the time in exchanging drivers! Important in our case because I didn't want to get cheated out of my time! My honey would have kept driving! We loved our 2000 HP Tour and will highly recommend it to everyone we meet! It just goes to show that even at our 'mature age' (60 and 65) we can still share in the fun and spirit of this experience! Please feel free to use us as referrals if needed! Thanks again!
Michael and Linda If you are looking for the ultimate wat to drive your dream then you have found it. We have specifically designed our driving experiece for those that truly appreciate exotic cars, dream cars and driving or racing in general.

DFW Drive Your Dream is a unique driving experience where we put you behind the wheel of the most desired, expensive and fastest vehicles on earth. Ferrari F430, Maserati Quattroporte, Audi R8 and Lamborghini Gallardo. Experience five exotic cars during a thrilling 150+ mile professionally designed route!

Drive Your Dream tours are perfect for corporate events and team building, weddings, bachelor parties or just an excuse to have some fun this weekend. We offer a variety of tours and serve Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio.


DFW Drive Your Dream offers exotic, luxury sports car rentals. Drive 5 exotic, luxury sports cars in 1 day on a scenic Texas tour. We offer performance driving weekend adventure events in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, or San Antonio. Perfect if you want to test drive several makes and models before you buy an exotic, luxury sports car.

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